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Industrial Training in ASP.NET starts from the very basics, and covers the advanced topics those are very helpful teaching material when you are developing any web application.

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Chandigarh Computer Centre having 32 years’ experience of developing and teaching ASP.NET and other IT Courses like JAVA, PHP, Python and Android etc. We also provide online training  of to those students which are studying in Abroad universities. Students get the opportunity to work on world’s largest e-commerce and banking web applications. There are lots of success full stories of our students after got training from our highly experienced faculty.



ASP.Net Industrial Training with Live Project in Patiala


 ASP.Net Six Weeks/Months Industrial training  Chandigarh Computer Centre that includes all the topics of ASP.NetADO.Net programming from the object oriented and My sql querying and many more. After completion of training students find it very easy to use the technique and able to make career in this field through our Experienced and specialist faculty. CCC provides the Training through Live Project under the programming tools i.e. Visual Studio 2013 and SQL server platform.

Java Industrial Training in Patiala with live projects.

Chandigarh computer centre is providing six months industrial training in java.the goal of our company is to place the students in top companies in MNC  like Wipro,IBM at Bangalore,Noida.We provide the complete training of java to all the freshers and working people.students will be given live projects training at the end of the course.students will be given training and get placed in the industry.


Features of java programming

  1. As java is platform independent
  2. Multi threaded program is used to perform various task at same time within the same program
  3. Java programs are reliable and robust.
  4. Java is commonly used programs that has internationalization feature at its core.

Below are the course detail

Core java interfaces, inheritance, packages,applets ,multithreading AWT Event handling,database connectivity,struts,live projects

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Industrial requirement PHP training with Live Projects

CCC (Chandigarh Computer Center) providing an Six Weeks/Months Industrial training in PHP to students those who are under the direction of Software Developers.


 In our training we are keen to make the students well verse with the distinctive cycles of Software Development by our trained faculty through Live projects, to make students hand on experience, Moreover we provide placements in different companies to our students. In the training we are providing various skills to the students :

PHP Control StructuresWorking with File System Working with forms Regular expressionsCookies and session Database mysqlWordPress

6 Weeks|Months Live Project based Industrial Training

CCC (Chandigarh Computer Centre ) is a leading I.T Centre at Patiala. We are providing 6 weeks/months Industrial training in Patiala with our team of highly qualified faculty. CCC has been a key partner in nation building process and has successfully completed projects for different domains. Chandigarh Computer Centre has been expanding its service in I.T profession by offering advantages and delivering value to the students through Live Project training.cccpatiala.jpg
Chandigarh Computer Centre
Eligibility: BCA/B.Tech/ I.T/ I.T/MCA/M.Tech.
Duration of training: 45 Days, 6 months.
A training letter is provided to all the students at the end of the training. Our candidates are working in MNCs. Chandigarh Computer Centre, an efficient training and placement cell is constantly working towards providing the best career prepared to the students.

Want to Become An SEO Professional: Enroll for Industrial Training in SEO

SEO is a field of web promoting. It is growing quickly so is the job opportunity increases rapidly in SEO.CCC( Chandigarh Computer Centre ) provides training to students to turn them into experts  as SEO professional” with proper course training with in time frame. In this course, subjects like on and off page optimization, Google Analytics, Google Algorithm, rankings, SMO, and external link establishment are covered. Examination and analysis of websites, competition, keywords and so on included in this course.


After completing the course, you can earn well-paid jobs in any IT organization. Organizations need trained experts as much as experts need job.

Six Weeks|Months PHP Training

CCC(Chandigarh Computer Center) has been providing an enormous PHP Industrial  training to students under the direction of Software Developers, Project Managers and Trainers. Our center is to make the students well verse with the distinctive cycles of Software Development, to provide students hand on experience on LIVE PROJECTS.

ccc php

In Six Weeks|Months Industrial Training we are providing various parts amid to your industrial training these are:

  • Candidates get learn both the soft skill and interview skill the under the same roof which is to a              beneficial to earn their career.
  • Innovation in Technology Training and Consulting.
  • Placement assistance with Resourcing through Consultancy Services
  • Curriculum’s mapped with Industry Requirement.
  • Course Certification & Confirmation Letters.
  • Resume Sending and Exclusive Interviews.

Six Week|Months Industrial Training in Programming

If you are looking to bring out the technocrat in you by getting professional mentor ship from an “Industrial Training Institute” in Patiala, Then you are on right place to achieve the quality of a true professional by becoming apart of CCC (Chandigarh Computer Centre), an institute that offers you quality standards such as:


Constant guidance from experienced professionals
Job interview preparation
Practical as well as theoretical classes
Placement within the company
Overall development of each student
Chance to work on live projects
Dedicated sessions on personality development
Latest technology and topics
Guidance from industry experts
100% job assistance program.

“Quality Industrial Training For Engineering Students”

“Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training  is a bridge that encourages effective move of Engineering students from their Academics to the Industry.”


If you are a student currently pursuing your engineering degree or if you are a passionate student looking for a “Quality Industrial Training“, then you are at the right place. CCC( Chandigarh Computer Centre) provides an exclusive Industrial training to endless building of “Engineering students”. Students, who are at the precarious edge of entering in the 4th year of engineering, without any doubt can  join CCC Patiala to utilize their crucial time for Industrial Training. You won’t just get value of your time, yet you will likewise increase direct perspective of  “How Industry functions”? .

Six Months Industrial Training in ASP.NET in Patiala


About the Dot Net Course:

Today the web is expanding to all sorts of devices including intelligent devices and applications. Dot net is one the preferred languages for application development backed by strong support of Microsoft platform. Dot Net gives the flexibility to interact with interfaces like Desktop PCs, Mobile Phones and infotainment devices. Dot Net, as a platform, allows a developer to make suitable applications with inter-portability across platforms, within a short time frame.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • C#.NET
  • Microsoft .Net V3.5 Fundamentals
  • Web Applications and Web Forms
  • ASP.NET Server Controls
  • Visual C# 2008 Fundamentals and OOPS Concept
  • Caching
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Personalisation, User Profiles and Themes
  • Application and State Management
  • Exceptional Handling
  • ADO.NET and Working with XML & SQL Server
  • Debugging and Tracing
  • ASP.NET Tracing
  • Security in ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET Configuration
  • Microsoft Ajax
  • LINQ and C#
  • Delegates and Event Handling
  • N-Tier Architecture and XML Web Services
  • Understanding Web Services / WCF
  • Advanced .Net Concept Overview
  • Overview of Database concepts (SQL Server / Oracle)
  • Model, View and Controller (MVC)
  • Interview Question/Answers Preparations with selected Interview Question Bank


»Additional advantage with all courses

  • Free E-Books/Tools/Software
  • HR Interview Questions
  • Resume Preparation
  • Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box


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